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Atlas Misalignment

The atlas correction procedure uses Flow Touch or the Tennant BioModulator to correct Bowling Ball Syndrome and balance the head on the atlas (the first vertebra in the spine). 

If the head is tilted on the atlas, stress is put on the dura (the covering of the spinal cord and brain) which in turn causes stress throughout the whole nervous system. When stress is present in the nervous system, other conditions that would normally cause no problem become more than the body can handle and we display symptoms.

Signs of this imbalance are head tilt and or rotation, high shoulder, high hip, short leg, headaches, ear aches, hearing loss or ringing in the ears, visual disturbances, back and neck pain, to name a few.

When the head is balanced and the weight of the head is centered over the atlas (the first bone in the spine), the spinal system is more balanced and the body functions at a more optimum level. When the weight of the head is shifted off center it creates what is called 'bowling ball syndrome', the body will compensate by contracting the muscles in order to compensate for the imbalance. The body may feel balanced when in fact the body is unbalanced.  

This imbalance can create impairment of the nervous system which can lead to serious conditions. The brain shuttles millions of electrical impulses back and forth to every cell of our body by way of the spinal nervous system. Restriction or distortion of those messages (nerve impulses) can affect every bodily function. 

Dr. D'Amanda uses several methods to help balance the atlas and realign the body.