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Red Hawk Healthcare

Mobile Clinic​

A Tribal Facility Specializing in Prolozone Therapy


B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetics Synchronization Technique) is a non force technique that assesses and corrects memory patterns that may affect the patient physically.

Studies show that over 90% of all illness/disease is caused by the individuals inability to handle stress, both past and present.

Through the use of words, eye positions, breath patterns, and specific contact points, B.E.S.T. helps realign the neurology so the body is better able to handle stress.

After a B.E.S.T. treatment you should feel more relaxed. Any pain or discomfort is usually resolved or at least decreased in intensity.

Usually you will be given homework to help maintain your treatment. The M Power March helps to reset and balance the brain in between regular treatments. An affirmation is usually added to make the March more powerful.

M Power March/Morter March

The video below will explain the components of the M Power March and why it is important to follow the video.

If you are wanting to achieve more neurological balance, peace of mind, and success, watch the video and repeat this affirmation as you perform the M Power March...

" I embrace only that which elevates my vibration and I release all blockages to my success and wellness ".© (copyright of Dr. John D'Amanda) 

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The M Power March is a technique that will begin to re-time your body and update any inappropraiate muscle physiology.