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This is an article in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, Volume 6 Issue 2, 2020, about the benefits of Ozone and the Corona Virus'. Please feel free to download and share with others.

Texas Right to Know Calls on US to Consider COVID-19 Ozone Therapy After It Shows Promise in Italy

BRADY, Texas, April 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With a coalition of state, national and international physicians and researchers, Sheila Hemphill, CEO of Texas Right to Know, is calling to action US state and federal agencies to consider the use of medical ozone as a safe adjuvant therapy option for the treatment of COVID-19. 

"While physicians in other countries are using medical ozone for treatment of COVID-19, few physicians in the United States are using this safe, inexpensive, adjuvant therapy," states Hemphill. On April 1, Hemphill conducted an on-line meeting featuring Italian physician, Marianno Franzini, President of the Scientific Society of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (SIOOT) International, Robert Rowen, MD, Rowen Su Clinic, Santa Rosa, California, several US physicians and researchers, and a university participant from Greece.

Professor Marianno Franzini stated, "On 24 March 2020, I received a letter from the ISS - Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Higher Institute of Health), stating, 'since the proposal seems to be shared and supported by clinical centers experienced in the treatment of viral pneumonia, it was considered appropriate that the treatment could be carried out under the responsibility of the physician after obtaining the patient's consent.'" He continued, "Medical ozone helps improve oxygenation and proved effective for SARS in 2002. Currently there are 17 hospitals using SIOOT oxygen ozone therapy to treat people affected by COVID-19. From preliminary reports from autopsies of those who died from COVID-19, it appears that the virus immediately attacks the microcirculation system causing widespread thrombosis. Several hospitals are using Major AutoHemo Therapy (MAHT), a protocol that extracts the patient's blood, bubbles oxygen ozone through the blood in a saline or heparin bag, and is infused back into the patient. Patients showed clinical improvement in 1-2 days of receiving one infusion, one time a day. The earlier you treat the person the better the results you have.

"On the April 1, 2020, the SIOOT reports, "After practicing Oxygen Ozone Therapy, the doctors found the following evidence: a general improvement in clinical conditions, normalization of body temperature, a reduction in C Reactive Protein (PRC), normalization of heart rate, an improvement in saturation and reduction in oxygen support, normalization of renal function (creatinine).

"Professor Luigi Valdenassi, toxicologist, University of Pavia, explains, "I want to specify almost all these patients experience improvement in hypoxemia in a short period that stabilizes their breathing and the creatinine becomes normalized, which is important for function of the kidneys. Oxygen Ozone therapy could contribute to the prevention of intubation and acute renal failure, both complications of COVID-19, resulting in the need for ventilator support via a breathing tube and dialysis requiring Intensive care unit support.

"According to Tommy Swate, SM.hg, MD. JD, a graduate from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, "Based on the Italian reports, it is reasonable to believe that medical ozone may be an effective adjuvant to use in treating COVID-19. Medical ozone's known and potential benefits when used as an adjuvant to standard COVID-19 treatment out weights the very small, if any potential risk of its use."

"Ozone has been used to treat other viral infections with minimal complications and is being reported to be effective for COVID-19 treatment," said Dr. Robert Rowen. On March 6, Dr. Rowen's article, "A Plausible 'Penny' Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus – Ozone Therapy", was published in the Journal of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology. 

Peter Jovanovic, Executive Director, Ozone Without Borders Society for the Advancement of Bio-Oxidative Therapy British Columbia Member Society reports, "We now know of one Sierra Leone physician, COVID positive whose symptoms abated about 4 hours after ozone treatment and one American COVID positive patient who was essentially normal one day after a single direct intravenous gas treatment. A Spanish physician with high exposure risk and all the symptoms of COVID cleared his symptoms within a day or two of treatment.

"Dr. Lamberto Re, MD Chairman of the Scientific Committee Board of World Federation of Oxygen-Oxygen Therapy since 2015 emailed to Hemphill, "Following the approval of some Italian hospitals (, use of medical ozone certainly should be considered as an adjuvant therapy for the treatment of COVID-19.

"About: Texas Right To Know (TRTK) is a coalition of various advocacy groups with services designed to inform and connect people in a community regarding local and state legislative issues.

Publication and videos by Dr. Marianno Franzini, Dr. Robert Rowen, and other physicians regarding safety and efficacy of ozone treatment are located at

Media Contact: Sheila Hemphill, [email protected]