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Red Hawk Healthcare

Mobile Clinic​

A Tribal Facility Specializing in Prolozone Therapy


"My wife and I felt horribly and went to an emergency clinic." They tested us and said we had Influenza A. They gave us a prescription and we left. Our friend said she had the flu and Dr. D'Amanda helped her get over it in a couple of days. We called and his office staff got us in the next day. My wife and I had a fever, 101 and 102. Dr. D'Amanda treated us with ozone and told us to come back tomorrow. About a couple of hours after leaving his office our fevers went down to normal and we started felling better. Our temperature was normal the next day and we felt a lot better. He gave us another treatment and told us we would be fine and to call if we had any issues in the future. We still can't believe Dr. D'Amanda got rid of the flu in a couple of days, really one day. Pretty amazing!"

Roland B. Providence Village, TX

About 6 months ago I strained my hip. I have had pain in my groin since. I have been to 2 medical doctors, and 3 chiropractors. I have had x-rays from 2 of the doctors. All the doctors have told me that nothing is wrong and they don't know why I should have pain. I heard about Dr. D'Amanda from Dr. Frank Shallenberger. I drove 6 hours to have an appointment with Dr. D. He listened to my complaint, asked a few questions and he had me show him exactly where my pain was located. Dr. D did a couple of tests and felt around the area of my pain. He gave me an ozone injection in the area of my pain and pressed on my pubic bone. I felt some pressure and then a click and my pain was almost gone. He explained exactly what was wrong, how to fix it, and gave me some exercises to do at home. He told me to find a good chiropractor or osteopath in my area to help me keep things in place. I have been to many doctors and Dr. D is one of the best doctors I have ever had. I have driven 6 hours, each way, twice now to see Dr. D. He is always helpful and explains what is going on with me and what he is going to do. I am so thankful I found him."

George W. San Angelo, TX

"I have been a patient of Dr. D'Amanda's since he opened his practice. I am 89 years old and I was told by my primary doctor that I needed a shoulder replacement. I have had pain in my shoulder for over a year and it is so bad now that I can't lift my arm more than an inch or two. I can't bend over because my shoulder hurts so bad when I bend down. I asked Dr. D if he could help me. He said he didn't know but he would try. I got my first Prolozone Injection and right after the injection I could move my arm 3-4 inches. Within a few days I could lift my arm over my head without pain. I got two more injections over the next two months. It has now been about six months and I am still pain free and can move my shoulder and lift my arm over my head. Thank you so much Dr. D you are like a son."

Mary T. Whitesboro, TX

"I had a horse fall on me in 1988, severely breaking my ankle. At times my ankle has hurt so badly that I have considered finding someone to amputate it. I have had very little range of motion in that ankle that I have been unable to walk up and down inclines. I have had to go up and down inclines sideways. I was heading to a horse show and I complained to Dr. D that my ankle was very painful and interfering with my riding. He said he thought he could give me immediate pain relief with his Ozone treatment. I didn't believe him when he said immediate relief but I was willing to try anything. I got off the table after the injection and I HAD NO PAIN! I could move my ankle and had better range of motion. I can now walk up and down inclines like everyone else. Amazing! I have referred 4 people to Dr. D for Prolozone and everyone of them have been amazed. Dr. D'Amanda is a great doctor."

Darlene R. Decatur, TX

"I called Dr. D'Amanda from San Antonio to see if he could help me with my back pain. He tried to help me find a doctor closer to me, but after calling the doctors he suggested he was the only one who worked with backs. I sent him a copy of my MRI. He called me the next day to tell me that he thought he could help me. I bought a plane ticket to Dallas. He worked with my schedule and saw me on his day off. He took the time to tell me what was going on with my back, what he was going to do, and what to expect over the next few days. He also told me how to take care of my back after I get back home. My friend was with me and she watched the doctor work with me and asked if he could help her knee pain. He told her that he gets good results with knees but would need some history of her condition. After he finished with me, he checked my friend and said he thought he could help her. He took care of my friend. We both were so excited. We had no pain when we left. The doctor called us the next day to check on us. I told him we were talking about how funny it felt to be without pain. I will see the doctor before I fly back home in a couple of days. I am so excited to find Dr. D'Amanda."

Guadalupe V. San Antonio, TX

“I have been a patient of Dr D's for many years. Several weeks ago I got bitten on my leg by a neighborhood cat. Within 24 hours I was having severe pain at the sight of the bite. I went to the local outpatient clinic and they put me on antibiotics. After I finished them I went back because the bite was still painful and looked worse. They put me on another antibiotic. After I finished them I was still having pain and the bite kept getting worse. I started running a fever and the bite was so painful that I couldn't sleep. I went to the ER and was admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics. I was discharged after 3 days. I was feeling awful and was in a lot of pain. The bite looked bad and I still had a little fever. I call Dr D and asked if there was anything he could do the help me because I felt like I was dying. He told me to come in right away and he would fit me in. He was upset that this bite had gotten so bad in spite of medical care. He said that this was very serious and that he would do everything he could to help me. The bite was so painful the wind blowing across it hurt. He put a plastic bag on my leg and filled it with ozone. After about 30 minutes my leg felt better. It was not as painful or as red. He numb the area and injected ozone around the bite. That night was the first night I had slept in 4 weeks. The next morning my leg wasn't hurting and the bite looked much better. I went back 3 more times and with in 2 weeks I was back to normal. I believe I would have died from infection if Dr D hadn't helped me with ozone. There is no doubt he saved my life.”

James M. Denton, TX

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a doctor you can trust. Dr. D'Amanda was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I receive is outstanding. I drive over an hour each way to see Dr. D'Amanda and it is worth the trip. Keep up the good work!”

Martha R. St. Jo, TX